Tenda de Livros is a book circulation project which organizes meetings, exhibitions, chats, exchange of books and sales. For one year, Tenda was a proposal for book circulation in the public space, in a conventional craft fair, rather than an art space per se.

The original idea was to propose a place of tension, a space of publications, inside the routine of people’s leisure activities. Tenda was a noise between the shacks.
Tenda arises from a thought whereby it is believed that art and culture are tools to be used in the creation of political platforms and new types of audience.

It was set up in the park Parque da Independência (São Paulo, Brazil) over a year (June 2014- June 2015), every Sunday from 8 in the morning (assembly time) to 5 p.m. (disassembly time).
Tenda in Parque da Independência ended with the launch of the exhibition recôncavo and the exhibition

TENDA ABERTA in June 2015, organized by Fernanda Grigolin and Paula Borghi, curator and mentor of the project Projecto Multiplo. More than sixty books were donated to Oficina Oswald de Andrade Cultural, and the exhibition that was going to last for two months turned into a fixed place at Oficina Oswald de Andrade, a cultural space, and it is now supplied by books from other courses offered by it.
After Tenda became itinerant, it was taken to Mexico (Aeromoto Library), Portugal (ESAD) and Belém, Brazil (Diário Contemporâneo Award). It also proposed debates, such as O Livro: um lugar para a Fotografia (The Book: a place for Photography), at Sesc Consolação, São Paulo, Brazil, and will launch a publishing label for essays, Pretexto, in September.